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Exceeded the Number of Ads or Campaigns in Advertising Studio Campaigns

Knowledge Article Number 000206358
Each Facebook Ad Account is originally given a limit of 5,000 Ads and 1,000 Campaigns. If the limit has been reached, you have two options to continue on. 

Option 1

Delete any old Campaigns that are no longer relevant. If you choose to delete old Campaigns, you need to decrease your number of Ads and Campaigns under the 5,000 ad and 1,000 Campaign limits.

Note: Deleting campaigns within will not erase any data.

Option 2

Increase the Ad and Campaign limit for your Ad Account. To do this, you must first contact your Facebook representative and ask for the limit to be increased. Once your limit is increased in Facebook, please reach out to Advertising Studio Campaigns Support. Specify the Ad Account that had the limit increased and Advertising Studio Campaigns Support will raise your limit in Advertising Studio Campaigns.

Note: The limit must be raised on Facebook's end first to ensure that the Campaigns upload successfully. 

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