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Why am I unable to Deactivate, Edit or Remove an Approval Process?

Knowledge Article Number 000206362
Description I am unable to deactivate, edit or remove an approval. Every time we try an Internal Server Error appears, the error ID is different for each action.
Resolution An Internal Server Error will appear if the Criteria is using a Currency field (e.g. Amount in Opportunities) but the currency that was used has been deactivated.

Here is what the Approval Process definition could look like:
User-added image
In this example an Internal Server Error will appear when trying to Edit the Approval Process if EURO was an inactive currency.

You'll need to  navigate to Setup, click Company Profile | Manage Currencies. Once there please check that the Currency used in the Approval Process is still active and, in case it's not, please activate it temporarily so you can Edit the Approval Process again.


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