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Why am I getting an Aura Integration Service Error (-1457151713) when installing an app?

Knowledge Article Number 000206373
Description When trying to install an app from the AppExchange, I am getting an error message similar to this: 

"Aura Integration Service Error[{"message":"An internal server error has occurred 
Error ID: 832857826-496 (-1457151713)"}]"
Resolution You may encounter this error if your organization is hosted on a Salesforce server instance that only supports installation of publicly listed apps from the AppExchange, and the App you are attempting to install is privately listed.

An App can be identified as publicly listed because you can search for it by name within the search function of the Salesforce Appexchange.

Privately listed apps, while they may be found using search engines and may have an App landing page on the Salesforce AppExchange, can't be found by a direct search through the AppExchange.

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