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Why is the "Mass Reassign Account Teams" not populating the expected results when using "not equal to" filter for Account Team Member fields?

Knowledge Article Number 000206375
Description I'm trying to use the "Mass Reassign Account Teams" tool in the Accounts Home page under the Tools section.
When I use a criteria where the filter is "not equal to" it seems that the results are inaccurate. Why?
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Resolution Here is how to reproduce it:
1. Enable Account Teams
2. Create a few accounts with different owners. Make sure at least two accounts have the same owner (say, User Owner)
3. Add some team members to each of the account making sure that at least one account (say, ABCAccount with Owner User Owner) has two team members, say Member One and Member Two.
4. Navigate to Mass Account Team Reassign and use wizard to "Add an account team member".
5. Click Next and close the following 2 filters:
a) Account: Owner Last Name equals "Owner"
b) Account Team Member: Last Name not equal to "Two"
6. Click next and observe that the result still contains ABCAccount.

This is at the moment Working As Designed.
The inner SQL just retrieves all team members along with their associated accounts and we then apply user selected filters thereby only eliminating the team members (not the account all together).
In this example the account ABCAccount is listed since it has a team member "Member One" which satisfies the filter condition.

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