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Can we enable S-Controls for deployment? Are they supported?

Knowledge Article Number 000206378
Description If I want to migrate S-Controls to another organization can I achieve this? Also what support is provided in relation to S-Controls since its deprecation?
Resolution S-Controls have been a deprecated feature since 2010, first labeled as deprecated in the Spring ’09 release. As this is deprecated, replaced by a new feature (Visualforce), this cannot be re-enabled in an organization.

Can S-Controls be migrated at all?
There are some instances where you may be able to move S-Controls as follows:
  • All unmanaged packages containing S-Controls that were created before February 1st, 2010 will continue to be able to be installed in all organizations.
  • Any unmanaged package created after February 1st, 2010 containing an S-Control will not be able to be installed into organizations created after the Spring '10 release, and they will not be able to be installed into organizations created prior to Spring '10 that never contained any S-Controls.

What if the above does not apply? Do I have any other option?
For S-Controls that fall out of the above scope, you will need to replace any S-Control functionality into Visualforce for any organizations that requires the same functionality.

"If you have been distributing S-Controls via the Metadata API, you will not be able to do so to all organizations in the future. You should replace all of your S-Controls with Visualforce pages, or start using packages to distribute your application. If you want to distribute your S-Controls via unmanaged packages in the future, you must create your unmanaged package, and add your S-Controls to it prior to the February 1st, 2010 deadline."

Can we install AppExchange applications that contain S-Controls without having the feature enabled?
Yes, this does not affect the installation of managed packages. As per the deprecation article:

"For partners, the most important thing to know is that managed packages that contain S-Controls will continue to be able to be installed without issue after the Spring '10 release."

NOTE: This is not limited to organizations created prior to February 1st, 2010 like unmanaged packages mentioned above. This is to all organizations.

So what support do customers have in relation to S-Controls?
As long as an S-Control was created prior to February 2010, it will be supported by Salesforce Developer Support. Should the Support team determine that the toolkit is working fine, and the issue is with the custom JavaScript or HTML code within the given S-Control, it will be the duty of the S-Control's developer to fix it.

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