Print this page How to see who is committed to which goal?

Knowledge Article Number 000206391
Description How to see who is committed to which goals?
Resolution By using one of the pre-build reports, you can display who is committed to which goal. Please, follow the steps below in order to customize the 'Goals Progress' report.
1. Go to the Reports tab
2. Search for 'Goal' under Folders
3. Select the 'Goals Progress' report
4. Click on the 'Save as' button in order to save the report under a different name
5. Click on the 'Customize' tab
6. Drag and drop the 'Goal Collaborator: Full Name' in front of the 'Goal Name'
7. Drag and drop the 'Owner' next to the 'Goal Collaborator: Full Name'
8. Drag and drop the 'Goal Name' in the row grouping section
8. Save and run the report

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