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How Can I Mass Update Content Titles or Descriptions?

Knowledge Article Number 000206398
Description Content Titles and Descriptions can be updated through the ContentVersion object using the Update function of Data Loader.


To do so, create a .CSV file with two or three columns, depending on if you wish to update both Title and Description. Alternatively, you may Export Data by selecting the ContentVersion object and including the following fields in your export: 

Id: the Ids of the ContentVersion records (e.g. 068xxxxxxxxxxxx), this column is required 
Title: the new Title

- Description: the new Description For additional information about using the Data Loader to update records and how to create .CSV files, please see Inserting, Updating, or Deleting Data Using Data Loader.


- To update Content you must have the appropriate permissions, see Creating Library Permissions for additional information.
- Only the latest version of Content can be updated.
- Additional information regarding the ContentVersion object can be found in the 
SOAP API Developer's Guide.

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