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How to Create a Report for Opportunity with Product and Schedules

Knowledge Article Number 000206455

After enabling for Scheduled Payments for Opportunity Products, how can I create a report for Opportunities with schedule of payments?






After enabling Schedules for Opportunity Product. Salesforce automatically creates a new Standard report type for "Opportunities with Products and Schedules". You can use this to report on schedules fields.

  1. Go to the Reports page...Click the "New Reports" button.
  2. Select a report type of "Opportunities with Products and Schedules"...Create
  3. Set the filters to show either Open or Won opportunities.
  4. Set Date Field = Schedule Date
  5. Set Range = Current CY

Modify the columns for the fields you want to show on the report. 

If you want to remove Schedule Quantity, hover over Sum of Schedule Quantity, click the dropdown arrow, and select Remove Summary.
If you only want to see opportunities that are going to close this year, add a filter with a criteria of:
Close Date equals THIS YEAR.



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