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Salesforce for Outlook OAuth reauthentication

Knowledge Article Number 000206463
Description To completely reauthenticate Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) and remove the existing OAuth session.

1. Navigate to the Salesforce for Outlook icon in the system tray on the local machine.
2. Right click the SFO icon and select "Settings"
3. In the Settings popup click the "Change user" box and specify the user information again and walk through the wizard and re-authenticate.

If users still have problems connecting SFO to Salesforce they can take the extra measure of:
  • Log into Salesforce as a user and navigate to the users own advanced details in Setup - this can also be done by a System Administrator on the user record.
  • In the "OAuth Connected Apps" area of the user details "Revoke" access for Salesforce for Outlook  - this can be done as the System Administrator for the user or by the user themselves.
  • Reauthenticate Salesforce for Outlook in its settings area as in the initial 3 steps.
If for any reason these steps do not resolve any problems around OAuth local IT can delete the Sync.db if they are familiar with the process and restart Salesforce for Outlook and authenticate again.  This should only be done as the last resort.  This should only be done if the person expediting this is knowledgeable about the procedure.  For more information around deleting the sync.db contact Salesforce support.

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