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Knowledge Article Number 000206477
Description Issue:
User gets a the following error when they try to assign a goal using a template:

User-added image

1. Login as a user with the Goal Template Administrator permission set
2. Go to the Goal Templates tab and select an existing template
3. Click the Assign Goals button and select users to assign the goal to
4. Click the Assign button
Resolution Resolution:
Users are getting this error because they do not have Edit privileges for the Goal Template field on the Goal object.

1. Login as a System Administrator and go to Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets
2. Click on the Clone action next to the Goal Template Administrator permission set
3. Give the cloned permission set a name and save it
4. Go to Object Settings and click on the Goals object
5. Click the Edit button
6. Under Field Permissions check the Edit box next to Goal Template and the hit Save
7. Assign this permission set to everyone with the Goal Template Administrator permission set

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