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Knowledge Article Number 000206478
Description Users with indirect access to performance summaries (e.g. Admins) will not be able to view those summaries through the Performance tab.  They would access the summary responses through a Report.  Before going through these steps to build such a report you'll first need to install the Perform package.

Resolution 1. Go to the Reports tab and click the New Report... button

2. In the Quick Find search box type Performance Summary Requests with Answers and click on the report type in the search results

3. Click the Create button

4. Select All performance cycles from the Show picklist

5. Select Created Date from the Date Field picklist and select All Time from the Range picklist

6. Add the following filter: Performance Cycle Name equals THE NAME OF YOUR PERFORMANCE CYCLE

7. [OPTIONAL] Remove the following columns from the Preview table:
  • Performance Cycle Name
  • Subject: Title
8. Drag the following fields into the table:
  • Owner of the subjects performance summary
  • Question Number
9. Group by the following fields:
  • Summary Subject
  • Summary Type
  • Summary Writer
10. Sort the Question Number field in ascending order
11. Save the report in a folder accessible to your users

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