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Mass update Account Owner using the Data Import Wizard

Knowledge Article Number 000206486

The ability to update records in bulk is one of benefits of using Salesforce. We'll show you how to save even more time by making bulk updates to Account record owners.

1. Create a report on Accounts include the fields Account Owner, Account ID and Account Name. Optionally, add additional fields that may help you to identify the account's to be transferred.

2. Export the report as a .CSV (comma-separated values) file.

3. Sort the resulting report export's .CSV file in Excel by Account Owner.

4. Next you will need to replace the existing Account Owner's name with the new Account Owner's Salesforce User Id. Locate the new owner's User Id in Salesforce by navigating to SetupManage Users | Users.

5. In the list of users click on the user's name that you'd like to transfer Account ownership to.

6. Copy the Salesforce Id for that user from your browser's URL (15 digit ID beginning with '005').
- The URL may read: https://<yourinstance> where "00530000003xqMx" is the 15 digit User Id.

7. Paste the new owner's user Id over the existing Account Owner name values in the Excel file.

8. Once the existing Account Owner's names have been replaced by your new owner's user Ids save your file and it is now ready for import.

9. Navigate to SetupData Management | Data Import Wizard | Launch Wizard | Select Accounts and Contacts | Update existing records.

10. Select to match by Salesforce ID and select Update existing Account information.

11. Map the columns to fields:

- Map your field: Account ID to Account: ID.
- Map your field: Account Owner to Account: Record Owner.

12. Start Import.

Note: Administrators can also leverage the Mass Transfer Records options within Salesforce to mass transfer record ownership and their related records via the User Interface.

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