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Why is my Approval Process comment via email limited to approximately 70 characters?

Knowledge Article Number 000206491
Description When users approve a record via Email they have observed that only around 70 characters including spaces are displayed in the Approval comment section in the User Interface, the rest is simply omitted.
This seems to happen on web-based email clients like, for example, Gmail.
Resolution This behavior is caused by the standard that your Email Client uses to send the emails. Salesforce email handler considers two lines of the plain text response body: Some web-based email clients are using an internet standard for plain text messages (RFC 2822). That Standard section 2.1.1 of RFC 2822 recommends a maximum of 78 characters per line (excluding the CRLF newline characters that end each line) in the source of email messages. What's happening then is that the email you're sending is being automatically wrapped by your email client into ~78 characters lines where multiple line breaks are introduced.

By the time the email reaches salesforce email handler the line breaks are already there. This could cause part on the Approval Process comment to disappear.

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