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Why am I getting additional columns when exporting a Matrix report?

Knowledge Article Number 000206502
Description When exporting a matrix report some additional columns are appearing in the excel file. Why is that happening?
Resolution Users may sometimes notice, that more columns than the selected ones appear on the matrix report export file.

This can happen if:
  1. The report type is a custom report type
  2. On the field layout settings some of the fields are selected as "Checked by default".
The fields with the "Checked by default"setting will appear in every newly created report and if it is a matrix report, it will appear in the exported file even if they were removed from the report.  

An exception of this behavior is, if the user not just remove the fields from the matrix report, but replace them with any other fields. In this case they won't be exported anymore.

This is how this setting can be changed:
  • Click on your Name | Setup | App Setup/ Build | Create | Report Type | Choose the custom report type you want to review/update
  • Scroll down to 'Fields Available for Reports' related list and click on 'Edit Layout'
  • Double click on any field. You can set the field here to be checked by default or deselect it.

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