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How to add a topic to a series of records using Data Loader

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Description We have enabled topics for objects on several of our objects. However, we can't figure out where we can use data loader to mass add a topic to a series of records (i.e. accounts)
Resolution A. Prepare your CSV file.

You will need to have the Entity ID and Topic ID column. Entity ID refers to the ID of the record you wish to add topics to (i.e. Accounts, Contacts).

The Topic ID can be found in two ways:

1. Export the Topics object via Data Loader
2. Get the ID on the URL of the Topic record page. 

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B. Use Data Loader to insert the records to the Record (TopicAssignment) object.

1. Use the Insert function on Data Loader.
2. Select the "Show all Salesforce object" box and click on the Record (TopicAssignment). You should be seeing this:

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3. Upload the import file. Make sure that it is in a CSV format.
4. Map the fields.
5. Upon confirming insert, you will get a summary of the import.

To know more about the Topic Assignment object you refer to this:

Good to know: If your csv contains rows where Topic-Record combinations are duplicated, the import will fail. For example, Data Loader will not accept 2 row with Topic A and Record A. Be sure to de-duplicate data before importing.

To know more about uploading Topics:
Can I mass upload topics in Salesforce?

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Sample CSV Topic Assignment.csv

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