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Available and Default Picklist Values are not retained when Deploying a Record Type in a Change Set

Knowledge Article Number 000206546
Description When deploying a Record Type using a Change Set, the selected picklist values and default value in that Record Type are not retained in the destination organization. 
Resolution This happens if the picklist field is not included in the Outbound Change Set. To resolve the issue, please include the picklist field as one of the required Dependencies in the Change Set. 

From the Source Organization:
  1. Navigate to Setup | Deploy | Outbound Change Sets
  2. Create a New Change Set, or Edit an Existing Change Set.
  3. Add the Record Type under the Change Set Components if necessary.
  4. Click on View/Add Dependencies.
  5. Select the required dependencies, including the picklist fields.
  6. Click Add to Change Set.


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