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Email to Case: If a Routing Address is Deleted, Can it be Recovered?

Knowledge Article Number 000206573
Description Each Routing Address created for Email to Case On Demand has a unique Salesforce Email Services Address associated to it. 

What happens if the Routing Address is deleted?  
Is there any way to recover the original Email Services Address?

Setup | Customize | Cases | Email-to-Case
Resolution Unlike Salesforce records such as Account, Contact, and Lead records, the Email to Case Routing Address are not soft deleted and placed into the Recycle Bin.  Once the Routing Address record is deleted, the same Email Services Address will no longer be available for use and cannot be recovered.

A new Routing Address will need to be created.  The newly generated Email Services Address will need to be updated on the customer Email Server that redirects/forwards emails to Salesforce. 

*Note: The Email Services Address is created through an automation process and cannot be manually generated.  Once deleted, the same address cannot be recreated.

If you are interested in finding out when the Routing Address was deleted, along with the User involved with the deletion, see the article Log Analysis of Users Activities

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