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Why Are We Experiencing a Delay in the Creation of Chat Transcripts After a Chat has Ended?

Knowledge Article Number 000206574
Description After Live Agent chat conversations are ended, Chat Transcripts are not immediately created.  Sometimes, it can take several minutes or hours before the Transcripts show up.  
Resolution By design, Chat Transcripts are not immediately created after a chat has been ended by either the operator or chat visitor.  This is to ensure that the operator has enough time to properly wrap-up the chat after it has been ended.  Thus, a delay can be expected with regard to Transcript creation.  

It is not considered a failure unless the Chat Transcript is not created after more than 24 hours after the chat is ended. At this point, an exception is logged and an automatic notification is sent to our technology team.

Chat Transcript creation should be almost immediate under the following circumstance (if both conditions are met): 
  1. Chat is ended by the Chat Operator or Chat Visitor 
  2. Chat Operator closes the Chat tab in the Console 
From an operator perspective, closing the chat tab in the Console after the chat has been ended will result in near immediate Transcript creation.

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