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Troubleshoot Salesforce1 login problems

Knowledge Article Number 000206578

If you're having issues logging in to Salesforce1 on your mobile device, review these common problems and their solutions:


Verify your login credentials and Internet access


  • Confirm your login credentials. Review your username for spelling and make sure your password uses the correct capitalization.
  • Confirm your Internet access. Check your cellular signal strength and toggle to your cellular service if you have a weak WiFi signal.


Review your Salesforce login instance

There are several instances of Salesforce and you could be trying to log in to the wrong one. Make sure that you're logging in to the correct instance (Production, Sandbox, or custom "My Domain" login if your company uses Single Sign-On) and try again. If you're not sure which one you're using, see our help article about switching login servers.

Communities note: Include your Community login URL as a connection for Community (Partner) users. Learn more about the process in our "Differences between Salesforce1 and the full site for Communities" help article.


Make sure your User Profile has access to Salesforce1

It's also possible that your system administrator hasn't enabled access to Salesforce1 for your User Profile. If you're using the correct log in credentials on the correct instance and still can't access Salesforce1, contact your Salesforce administrator so they can review your permissions.


Make sure your User Profile is "API Enabled"

Even if you're using the correct credentials, correct instance, and have access enabled, you'll still have problems if your User Profile isn't "API Enabled." Ask your administrator to confirm that your User Profile has the "API Enabled" setting activated. As an administrator, learn how to enable the setting with the steps in our "API Access Change for Connected Apps" help article.

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