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Knowledge Article Does Not Display Completely (in a Community)

Knowledge Article Number 000206580
Description Users of community cloud products sometimes may not see all fields on a knowledge base article. This is sometimes intentional (for fields meant to be internal only), but is sometimes unintentional (especially for fields recently added to article types). This results in some end users of the community with visibility only to the Title and Description of a knowledge article.
  1. Log in as an administrator and inspect the article type that's not being fully displayed. Find the fields on that article type.
  2. In another browser tab, use the Article Management tab to find the details of the article that's not fully displaying for a community user.
  3. Find the profile of the community user for whom this problem is occurring. Note that if someone is not logged in to the community (e.g. they're using PKB or one of the community templates) you may need to look at the Guest User profile for the community in question.
  4. Determine the field(s) on the knowledge article type that's not being displayed for the community user. Enable field-level security on those fields for the appropriate community profiles.

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