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Salesforce1 - Why is My Publisher Action Not Showing?

Knowledge Article Number 000206595
Description When creating a Publisher Action, there are several reasons why it might not be accessible to your Users.
Resolution Here are four of the most common scenarios encountered when a Publisher Action is not shown:
  1. The action is not on the page layout - Customize Actions with the Enhanced Page Layout Editor
  2. The master record type for the action is undefined - Why can't I see my global Publisher Actions?
  3. The publisher layout is not assigned to the Profile - Assign Publisher Layout to Profiles
  4. The Action is tied to a Visualforce page/component and not available to Users or via Mobile - Salesforce1 - Visualforce Publisher Action not visible to all users

Note: Salesforce1 Actions have a predefined order outlined in - Mobile Publisher action order in Salesforce1.

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