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Linkedin social details not visible on Account Object details page

Knowledge Article Number 000206602
Description When "Use social accounts and contacts" is enabled, an account, contact, or lead is linked to a social network profile, you and everyone else in your organization can access current social data without having to log in to other sites.
You may have a standard object detail page or a VF page where these social contact details would appear. 
For VF page, a social tag has to be used to show the social contact details.

For e.g. to show social details on a contact detail VF page, use the following tag:  
<social:profileViewer entityId="{!}"/>

However, sometimes the account object detail page won't show the Linkedin account detail. 
Resolution Linkedin is supported only for Person Account. If an account is not a person account and whether you are using a standard or VF page with social tag,
the linkedin details would not appear. 

The support for each social contact can be reviewed here: 

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