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When editing a Profile, an error is received like "Permission Create depends on permission(s): Read "
Knowledge Article Number 000206610
Description When editing a Profile, an error like "Permission Create <Object Name 1> depends on permission(s): Read <Object Name 2>" is received on save.

This is an expected validation error which occurs when the profile has been given a permission, but has not been given a prerequisite of that permission.

For example:

Permission Create DetailRecord depends on permission(s): Read MasterObject 

Note "DetailRecord" is a child object in a master-detail relationship to "MasterObject". A User cannot be allowed to Create a detail object record when they do not have the ability to see the parent records.

This validation error is because the Profile has been given "Create" on Object "DetailRecord", and it does not have the prerequisite "Read" on "MasterObject".
Resolution The cause of the validation error needs to be corrected before the profile may be saved. (E.g. For the example above you could either remove all perms for the dependent object "DetailRecord", OR grant at least the Read permission for "MasterObject").

NOTE: If you encounter this issue when working in the Enhanced Profile Interface, you may need to turn off "Enhanced Profile User Interface" (Setup | Customize | User Interface) to be able to address all validation errors stemming from missing permissions. You may re-enable "Enhanced Profile User Interface" after updating the profile.

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