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Changing the System Administrator for my sandbox

Knowledge Article Number 000206639
Description My former system administrator is no longer with the company. How can I gain system administrator access to the sandbox without performing a refresh? 
Resolution First, try these options: 
  • If your sandbox does have an active System Administrator then please have this person change the email address or other User details by logging in and going to Setup > Manage Users > Users, and then clicking “Edit” next to the name.
  • If you have access to a former administrator’s email, you may also consider utilizing the "forgot password?" feature.
  • If you own the corporate email domain, you can use "password reset" and have the password reset email intercepted by your internal email administrator.

If the above options don't resolve the issue, support may be able to change the email address associated with the existing, active System Administrator User Record. This applies ONLY if no active System Administrators can log into your account. Please contact Salesforce Support for details.

Please Note:
It is recommended as a best practice to ensure to have more then one System Administrator at any given time so that disruptions in service are avoided in the event that your System Administrator cannot log in or is no longer with the company.

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