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Filtering on Time Frame and filter logic in report behaves differently

Knowledge Article Number 000206644
Description User is using the "Last n days" criteria in report and finds that data returned is different if used in the Time frame section and in filter logic.

This can be easily reproduced.
  • Choose a report that has data for 10 consecutive days past the current day - Example "Opportunity Report"
  • In the Time Frame Date field choose any field that represents Date - Example "Created Date"
  • In Time Frame Range Select as "Last 7 days"
  • Observe that the report is filtered "From: (Today - 6 days) To: Today
  • The returned records will also have the created date between these 2 dates

Modify the same report
  • In the Time frame range choose "Customer"
  • Clear the "From" and "To" date fields and leave it as is
  • Customize the report by clicking on the customize button
  • Add filter logic and select the "Created Date" field
  • Criteria must be "Created Date   equals   Last 7 Days"
  • Run this report

You will notice that data is displayed From (Today - 7 days) To: Today
Resolution Using the Last n days in filter logic will get data from (Today - 7 days) To current second. Please refer to the documentation

Using the Last n days in range criteria will get data from (Today - 6 days) To: Today.

This is the expected behavior and the report is working as designed. 

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