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Maximum Number of Custom Indexes per Entity

Knowledge Article Number 000206655
Description The default limit for the maximum number of custom indexes is 13.
Resolution Custom indexes can be used as a tool to assist with slowness or time outs in certain situations. There are three ways custom indexes are created. Either:

A) By marking a field as "External" or "Unique". NOTE: This has it's own limit as well which is defaulted at 7.

B) Some indexes are created automatically when our systems determine a field will benefit from it.

C) By Salesforce Support, as part of a performance case. (Ex: SOQL queries or Analytic Reports timing out)

Please note that custom indexes are not the only tool that should and/or will be used in any performance case. Custom indexes, when used improperly, can actually slow query results. Please reach out to Support if you have any questions or concerns on indexing or a performance issue. When creating a case, be specific and mention if the performance issue exists within a SOQL query, a report, etc(with links and login access) so we can route the case to the appropriate team for assistance.

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