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Email to Case On Demand: Why is the Case Record Type null, and shows as Deleted in the Case History Related List?

Knowledge Article Number 000206675
Description ISSUE:

Cases created via Email to Case On Demand are not assigned to the Case Record Type as according to the preset value of the Routing Address; rather the Case Record Type field is null/blank and will display the 'Change' link.

The Case History Related List will also indicate that the Case Record Type value has been deleted.



Under the Case Support Settings section:  Setup | Customize | Cases | Support Settings 

If the configured Default Case Owner  value is of a 'queue
the configured Record Type Setting value is set to: 'Override the existing record type with the assignee's default record type'

The result will be a deleted Case Record Type on the record.

**This occurs as by default, the 'queue' has no record type assignment**

To modify the behavior so the preset Record Type selected in the Routing Address is not deleted, the Salesforce Administrator will need to modify the Record Type Setting value to: 'Keep the existing record type

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