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Create, edit, delete and assign a permission set

Knowledge Article Number 000206679
Description To use this walk through, you must:
  • Be logged into an Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer, or Edition organization
  • Have the “Manage Profiles and Permission Sets” permission
Resolution Steps to Create, Edit and Delete a Permission Set:
  • Click on your Name | Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets
    • To create a new Permission Set, Click 'New' button
    • To edit an existing Permission Set, Click on the 'Permission Set Label' | go to the section you want to edit (Like App Permission) | Click 'Edit' button and make required changes. Please note that, User License assigned to a Permission Set cannot be modified once the Permission Set is saved while creating.
    • To Delete an existing Permission Set, from the list of Permission Sets, click on 'Del' link before the one you want to delete and click 'Ok' on the warning message that appears.
  • Or click here for the walk through

In Contact Manager, Group, and Professional Editions, you can create one permission set. Even if the org is in Professional Edition, Permission sets would still show under Setup. However, when "Create New View" is clicked on the Permission Set page, "Insufficient Privilege" error will show and this is because of the edition limitation. Professional Edition orgs do not have Permission Sets by default.

To assign Permission set to a user or multiple users click on the links given below:


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