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Chatter Desktop - After log in credentials are submitted, 'Chatter is not enabled for this organization' error response is returned

Knowledge Article Number 000206718
Description BEHAVIOR:

In an Organization with Chatter and Chatter Desktop enabled, some users may receive the following error message after submitting their Salesforce user log in credentials:

"Error: Chatter is not enabled for this organization"

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If Chatter and Chatter Desktop is enabled in the Organization, the root cause could stem from a user Profile permission.

- While logged in as a Salesforce Administrator
- Locate the reported problematic user's Profile
- Confirm if the following permission is enabled:

'API Enabled'

- If the permission is not enabled, enable the permission and save
- Upon the next log in attempt of the reported problematic user(s), the aforementioned error will not return. 


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