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How do I empty specific records out of the Recycle Bin?

Knowledge Article Number 000206726
Description System Administrators have the ability to empty their own or their organization's entire Recycle Bin directly through the Recycle Bin. Workbench can be used to purge specific records from the recycle bin. 
Resolution Note: Once records have been purged from the Recycle Bin, there is no way to restore them. The only way to recover the records will be to recreate them. 
  1. Identify the IDs of the records you would like to remove from the Recycle Bin. If you have a large number of records, they can be saved in a CSV file. We recommend breaking up the CSV into files of no more than 5000 records. 
  2. Login to Workbench
  3. Navigate to data and then purge.
  4. Enter the ID for a single record, or select the CSV file from your computer.
  5. Click Next
  6. If you are working with a CSV file, you will be prompted to confirm the CSV Field name that contains the ID for the records. Select this and click Map Fields.
  7. Click Confirm Purge. 

Note: If the number of records in your CSV file exceeds 1000 records, you may receive a blank screen after clicking Confirm Purge. This is a known behavior and typically the purge processes as desired.


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