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Can I show Lead Status and Opportunity Stage in the same Dashboard Funnel Component?

Knowledge Article Number 000206733
Description While there is no way of showing both Opportunity and Lead information in the same chart to get a combined "end-to-end" view of your organization's pipeline from prospect to sale, there are a couple of different workarounds.

Resolution The first and easier option is to use two separate dashboard funnel components. One component would be grouped by Lead Status while the second component would be grouped by Opportunity Stage. By placing the components close to each other you can see both the Lead Status And Opportunity Stage progressions at a glance.

The second option is to change how your organization qualifies and converts Leads. If leads are converted very early on, i.e. right after confirming the data is correct, you can track the entire sales process using the Opportunities reports. In order to work this has to fit into your organization's existing sales process, and may not be the best solution if your organization does not already convert most leads into Accounts/Contacts/Opportunities (i.e only a small percentage of total leads are converted). 

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