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Lead Conversion is working outside of the Console, but within the Console the User gets "Insufficient Privileges"

Knowledge Article Number 000206744
Description When converting a Lead outside of the Console when the User has the appropriate permissions, it works.
However, this seems to fail in the Console with an Insufficient Privileges Error. This is due to the Interaction Log.
Resolution This is due to the Interaction Log in the Console.
When converting a Lead, Account, Contact, and Opportunity (if needed) are created.
If the created Account is not able to be accessed, all records are not accessed.

Currently, there is no way to check accessibility of each records at the time of Conversion (only Account is checked).

The User receives "Insufficient Privileges" due the availability of the Interaction Log in the Console.
The Standard UI does not have the interaction log feature, so this behavior occurs only in Service Console.

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