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Spring'15 - Maximum number of deploy and retrieve files limit has been increased from 5000 to 10000

Knowledge Article Number 000206764

Deploy and Retrieve More Components

The number of files that you can deploy or retrieve has doubled. With this limit increase, you can migrate components from a large organization with more than 5,000 files without having to split deployments into smaller sets of components.

This table compares the old and new file limit for metadata components.

Table 1. Increased File Limit for Metadata Components
DescriptionOld LimitNew Limit
Maximum number of files that can be deployed or retrieved at a time5,000 files10,000 files

This file limit applies to Metadata API and also to the number of files that are included as part of a change set. This limit increase doesn’t affect the total size of all files that are deployed or retrieved, which remains at 400 MB.

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