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Spring '15 - Track Data Loader Logins with Login History

Knowledge Article Number 000206775
Description You can now track Data Loader logins from the Login History page or via the LoginHistory object.
Resolution This addition enables you to more accurately monitor login attempts for your organization. When a user attempts to log in to Salesforce via Data Loader, app information about the login attempt is now captured in the login history record’s Application field. One of the following values appears.
  • DataLoaderPartnerUI/—login attempted from Data Loader UI
  • DataLoaderPartnerBatch/—login attempted from Data Loader command-line interface
  • DataLoaderBulkUI/—login attempted from Data Loader UI with Use Bulk API option enabled
  • DataLoaderBulkBatch/—login attempted from Data Loader command-line interface with Use Bulk API option enabled

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