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Using Microsoft® Remote Connectivity Analyzer to test Exchange Sync Parameters

Knowledge Article Number 000206781
Description 1. Visit Microsoft’s website and search for the Remote Connectivity Analyzer or go to:
2. On the Exchange Servertab, select the Service Account Access (Developers).
3. Click Next.
4. Complete the test fields:
  • Target mailbox email address -- specify the Exchange email address of an Exchange
  • Service Account User Name (Domain\User Name or UPN) -- specify the service account domain\user name or UPN you’ve set up for Exchange Sync
  • Service Account Password --  specify the service account password you’ve set up for Exchange Sync
5. Select Use Autodiscover to detect server settings
6. Select Test predefined folder.
7. Choose Contacts if you’d like to test sync connectivity for this user’s contacts, or Calendar for this user’s events.
8. Check Use Exchange Impersonation.
9. In the Impersonated User field, type the same Exchange email address you specified for Target mailbox email

10. For Impersonated user identifier, select SMTP Address.
11. Check the I understand that I must use the credentials of a working account...acknowledgment.
12. Type the analyzer verification code and click verify.
13. At the top of the page, click Perform Test.

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Running the test usually takes less than 30 seconds. When the test is complete, the analyzer displays a summary evaluating the sync connectivity for the Exchange user you’ve specified.
14. Take action based on the test results.
  • If the test summary displays “Connectivity Test Successful” or “Connectivity Test Successful with Warnings,” it’s likely that you’ve set up your service account correctly, and you’re ready to provide your service account credentials to Salesforce.
  • If the test summary displays “Connectivity Test Failed,” review the test details to troubleshoot setup issues. You might want to return to instructions on how to set up Exchange Sync correctly.
  • If you still are unable to set up Exchange Sync, or if you complete setup successfully but your users are still unable to sync their records, run the test again, and save the test details as HTML. You can provide these details to Salesforce Customer Support to evaluate your setup if you need to file a case.

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