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What are the Options for Mass Transferring/Reassigning Activities

Knowledge Article Number 000206785
Description We have mass transferred many Accounts and Contacts to a few of our Users however the Task and Events (Activities) have transferred to the new owners of the Accounts and Contacts. How can we mass transfer these Activities back to the previous owners?
Resolution Many companies may run into situations where activities may need to be transferred or reassigned to another user.  There is no native tool within Salesforce to handle this task but there are several options for administrators to easily perform the actions required. 

There are several options for mass transferring/reassigning Activities.  While there is no native mass transfer wizard for activities like there are for Standard and Custom objects there are several mass transfer tool available to administrators that can easily handle this task.  

It should first be noted that if you only need to transfer open activities for the Lead and/or Account objects than one option should be to utilize the Mass Transfer Wizard for those objects.  When record ownership changes for a Lead or Account the associated Open Activities that are owned by the same user are automatically transferred to the new owner (See  : Mass Transferring Records

Mass Transfer Activities Tools

AppExchange options:

Mass Data Update tools:

Data loader(Enterprise and Unlimited editions) -

Excel Connector (Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions) -

Workbench (Enterprise and Unlimited editions) -

Mass Update Anything (Enterprise and Unlimited editions) -

Finally, please vote for this idea on the IdeaExchange to have this feature considered for a future release:

Note:  Starting with the Spring '15 release, you will be able to transfer single tasks within a recurring task to a new owner. 

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