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Salesforce for Outlook - Field Mappings for some fields cannot be modified in Outlook Configuration

Knowledge Article Number 000206815
Description BEHAVIOR:

When creating a new Outlook Configuration (Setup | Desktop Administration | Outlook Configurations), the System Administrator may notice that some Field Mapping values for Contacts/Tasks/and Events will be grayed out, preventing the ability for modification.  While Outlook Configurations created from an earlier date maintains the ability to modify all Field Mappings.

Example (grayed out):
User-added image

Example (modifiable):
User-added image
Resolution The restrictions to prevent certain field mappings from being modified were implemented to circumvent potential data synchronization quality issues.  The fields that are grayed out play a significant role with the matching and syncing logic process.

When the modifications were made, newly created Outlook Configurations will have the restrictions; however existing Outlook Configurations remained exempt.


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