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Why does the "All" list view disappear when creating a new one?

Knowledge Article Number 000206835
Description When I'm creating a new List View in some objects the "All" default List View disappears. In other objects both of them, "All" and the new one, will remain. Why is this occurring?
Resolution This may occur when you're not using the default "All" List View. If you delete the standard "All" List View and you try to access the Home page of any Object the system will automatically generate a new temporary "All" List View that you cannot "Edit".

Standard "All" List View:
User-added image

System-generated temporary "All" List View:
User-added image

You will find yourself in this scenario using the temporary "All" List View if you perform the following steps:

Note: Please do not follow these steps unless you want to remove the standard "All" List View.
1. Open any object's home page.
2. Check that the "All" list view shows both the "Edit" and the "Create New View" links.
3. Click "Edit". Change the "Restrict Visibility" to "Visible only to me". Save.
4. Now, the "Delete" button should appear. Click it.

By following these steps you've deleted the standard "All" view but the system still needs to show one view when you access the Home Page so it automatically generates an alternate "All" view that doesn't exist consistently in the database. As this is not a real List View you will see that you cannot Edit it and that it will disappear when you create a new List View.

You can workaround the issue by creating a new List View, using the name "All" and selecting the "Visible to all users (Includes partner and customer portal users)" visibility.

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