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Underscore values for Empty Fields when generating Mail Merge documents

Knowledge Article Number 000206837
Description Within a Mail Merged document some Fields will be shown as a line of Underscores (_________).

If the Field is blank on the record you are merging, the Field will be merged to a line of Underscores, indicating missing data. This can be useful if you send out a form where you are asking your customer to update their data, to indicate the missing data. If the intend of your mailing is different, this behavior might not be desired though.

Note: There is currently no setting available to adjust this behavior, but an Idea on this behavior, may be promoted on the IdeaExchange at the following link:
Remove _____ from mail merge

The same results can occur when you have in incorrect Field-name in the Template, please refer to the following Article:
Blank or Underscore values when generating Mail Merge documents
Resolution Suggested in the comments on this Idea is the following workaround:

Create a new Custom Field, which returns a Space instead of a blank value.
  1. Define a Custom Field on the Object (Contact) involved, of data type Formula, return type Text.
  2. For example for the State Field, choose the name MM_State
  3. Use the following formula: BLANKVALUE( State , " " )  - NOTE: between the double quotes should be a space
  4. On the next page no changes to the settings are necessary
  5. The field does not have to be on the Page Layout
In the Mail Merge template, your Word file, you now need to replace for Contacts/Leads, the field CONTACT_STATE, with CONTACT_MM_STATE. Since for Mail Merge, custom fields for Contacts, can be used for Leads, (or vice versa) you only need to create the custom field on one of the two objects. If you choose Contacts, for Person Accounts, this custom field is available as part of the custom Contact fields, you only need to reference it differently: ACCOUNT_MM_STATE

If for a signature you would for example, want to do this for the Title field of the User who is performing the Mail Merge, you can create a Custom Field referencing the User Object, directly from Leads or Contacts, eg for Leads:
MM_UserTitle, with formula: BLANKVALUE( $User.Title , " " ) , which can be used in the template as LEAD_MM_USERTITLE

More info on which reference to use for your Mail Merge field:
URL to Locate Record Field Names For Mail Merge

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