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What is the expected behavior when you access Salesforce links in Chatter Digest emails

Knowledge Article Number 000206838
Description When a user receives their Daily Chatter Digest emails and click on a hyperlink, they may not be passed through to Salesforce; instead they are getting a Salesforce login page. The behavior depends on how you are currently logged into the Salesforce Org. 

Resolution Following is the expected behaviour. This behavior affects those who use SSO.  

Non SSO Users:
  • If you are not logged in through SSO and click the Digest link you are prompted to sign in using Salesforce Username and Password.
SSO Users:
  • If you are a SSO User and you are logged into Salesforce via your SSO the Digest Link should pull up.  Especially if you use a web client email server and your Salesforce is open in the same browser.
  • If you are a SSO User and you are not logged into Salesforce; when you click on the Digest Link you will not get through to Salesforce.  Instead you will be prompted to sign through your IDP login page and redirected to Salesforce or you will be prompted to use Salesforce Username and Password. This is depending on how the My Domain settings are. If the Authentication Service in My domain settings is only the SSO configurations you will be routed to IDP to enter your IDP credentials. If the Authentication Service is SSO setting and login page, you'll have the option to use the Salesforce Username and password. 

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