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Spring 15 - API changes

Knowledge Article Number 000206839

The APIs provide access to the most up-to-date records. You can search, match, and purchase company and contact records.

Available in: Developer Edition, Professional Edition (add-on), Enterprise Edition, and Unlimited Edition.
queryMore() is Supported by All Datacloud Objects
  • When no LIMIT is specified, queryMore() returns the entire response in 25-record chunks. You can scroll through the full set of results 25 records at a time.
  • LIMIT that’s set from 1 and 100 returns the actual number of records or the number of records equal to the LIMIT value, whichever is fewer. This query returns only the first 75 records from a response that contains more than 1,000 records. A next page is not returned.
    SELECT City,State,Street,CompanyId
    FROM DatacloudCompany
    WHERE Name like 'Salesforce'
    LIMIT 75
  • Specify a LIMIT greater than or equal to the number of records in the response to scroll through large responses in 100-record chunks. For example, in a response with 1,900 records and a LIMIT that’s set to 2,000, you can scroll through the complete response in chunks of 100 records. You can only scroll through as many records as are specified in the LIMIT. If your LIMIT is less than the number of records in the response, queryMore() processes only the number of records that’s specified in the LIMIT value.
Filter on Name and LocationStatus in the DatacloudDandBCompany Object
You can now filter on LocationStatus and Name in the DatacloudDandBCompany object.

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