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Limits surrounding the new SF1 "Subscribe to Receive Report Notifications" feature

Knowledge Article Number 000206840
Description Mobile users can now receive Salesforce1 in-app notifications about the reports they’re subscribed to, so they can stay up to date on the metrics they care about most. For example, a user who subscribes to an open-issues report could opt to receive a notification whenever there are more than 20 open issues.  


Report Subscription Notifications are limited to 5 subscribed reports per user. This limit is hard coded and cannot be increased.  

There is, however, no organization-wide limit for this feature.  

Notifications are delivered right to the subscriber, via Salesforce1 notifications

Available in: All editions except
User Permissions Needed
To subscribe to reports:“Run Reports”
To enable or disable report notification subscriptions:“Customize Application”

Report notification subscriptions are automatically enabled. You can disable the feature from Setup, by clicking Customize | Reports & Dashboards | Report Notifications.

On the Report Run page, users see a new option to Subscribe. Each user can subscribe to up to five reports.
Subscribe button on the Report Run page

These scheduled notifications are different from the existing ability to schedule future runs from the Report Run page (Run Report |Schedule Future Runs...). Schedule future runs lets users schedule reports to be emailed at specified times, without specifying conditions.

Here’s a summary of how to set up notifications on the new Report Subscription page. 
The Report Subscription page

  1. Type: Select how often you want the notification to be sent.
  2. Conditions: Specify each in three parts: aggregate, operator, value. For example, trigger notifications whenever the sum of amount is less than $1 million.
    Your conditions are evaluated when the report is run, and notifications are sent if all conditions are met (up to five conditions per report).
  3. Schedule: How often (every weekday, daily, or weekly) and when to evaluate for your conditions. For example, run the report every weekday at 7 a.m.
  4. Actions: Check the Send Salesforce 1 Notification box.
  5. Active: Check the box
  6. Save
On the Reports tab, users can now also filter their list view by Items I’m Subscribed to.

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