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Report on Chatter Usage with the Salesforce Chatter Dashboards Package

Knowledge Article Number 000206842
Description The Salesforce Chatter Dashboards package gives administrators an essential set of dashboards and reports to keep tabs on Chatter activity.
Administrators can gain insights from the latest metrics and rapidly spot trends.
OverviewSee the overall state of Chatter at a glance.
ContentTrack content uploads, downloads, engagement, and content creators. 
GroupsMonitor membership and post and comment activity within groups. 
ModerationTrack unanswered questions and posts, group growth rates, and the overall health of your groups. 
Q&ASee metrics about questions, answers, and best answers posted in your groups. 
TopicsSee metrics about navigational and feature topics. 
User ProfilesMonitor post and comment activity within user profiles. 

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