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HOW TO: Report Issues With Online Training Content

Knowledge Article Number 000211751
Description Occasionally, there's an issue with online training material that must be corrected. This article outlines how to get a case entered properly for our curriculum team to work on it. 

Follow these simple steps to report issues with our online training content.

  • Navigate to the content in question within Help & Training.
    • Click: Help & Training link in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  • Within the Help & Training portal, navigate to the training in question.
    • Click: Search, enter the title of the content.
    • NOTE: selecting the TRAINING filter may help find the material faster
  • Launch the training by clicking on the content link
  • Look for the green button "We Want Your Feedback" and click.
    • See the referenced images below for further assistance in locating the button, if necessary.
  • Fill in the Additional Comments section with as much detail as possible to rectify the issue quickly.
  • Click "Submit"
Use the "We Want Your Feedback" button to report issues with content.

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