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New Import My Accounts & Contacts Wizard

Knowledge Article Number 000211758
Description Salesforce replaced the Import My Accounts & Contacts wizard, which is available from the Accounts page, the Contacts page, and the My Settings page. The wizard is also available to Free Trial users.
Resolution Import My Accounts & Contacts Wizard

The new wizard is simpler to use, and includes extra capabilities and data sources.
If you can’t find a feature from our legacy wizard and you want us to add it to the new wizard, you can:
  • Describe the feature your want and send your CSV file to Salesforce, so that we can replicate the issue and add the feature in a future release.
  • Access the legacy wizard at [YOUR_SALESFORCE_BASE_URL] /setup/wiz/wizard.jsp?wizardUrl=/setup/imp/myimport_format.jsp?stage=format&wizardPageTitle=ImportWizardTitle

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