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Salesforce1 Recently Viewed Reports

Knowledge Article Number 000211798
Description Access Recently Viewed Reports via the Salesforce1 Navigation Menu.
Salesforce1 Reporting available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Users can now access recently viewed Reports via the Salesforce1 Navigation Menu, rather than having to drill into a Report from a Dashboard.

Reports in Salesforce1

Points to Note:

  1. With the Reports tab, users can access recently accessed Reports.  
  2. In order to access other Reports, users will need to drill down from a Dashboard.
  3. All Reports are shown in a Tabular format, with groupings added as columns to the end of the Report. 
  4. Reports are currently Read only *( ie: you cannot modify date ranges or summary groupings without going to full desktop site ) 


- Reports with the joined format are NOT shown.
- Users can access the Reports using the Salesforce1 Mobile browser via the Safari (iOS) / Google Chrome (Android) browser and with the latest version of the Salesforce1 hybrid app.
- This is not available for users with a Community or Partner Portal License.
- Not available for Contact Manager Edition orgs
- Search for Reports is not available on the iOS downloadable app

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