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Error: "Account Already Registered" for Social Accounts in Social Studio

Knowledge Article Number 000211815

If you're prompted with an error while adding a social account indicating that the social account is already registered, you can resolve the problem using the solutions listed below.


Scenario 1 - A duplicate account was already registered and is set to Private/Project

A common cause of the "The account you are trying to register is already registered" error is that the account has already been added within Social Studio, but with a visibility of "Private/Project" which hides it from your view. 

  • Diagnose the problem - Have a Super User review the visibility of the social account under Admin settings | Manage Social Accounts in Social Studio (the person who completed the original account registration will also be visible).
  • Fix the problem - Reach out to the person who registered the account and ask them adjust the visibility.


Scenario 2 - The account was already added as a "Personal Account" in the Engagement Console

  • Diagnose the problem - Have a Super User log in to Social Account Manager to locate the account. If there is no Managed Account symbol (top-left corner of the Display Picture) then the account is a Personal Account.
  • Fix the problem - Have a Super User delete the Personal Account in Social Account Manager, then re-add the account in Social Studio which will make this a registered Managed Account.

Note (Personal Accounts and Entitlements): Be sure to check Entitlements. Personal Accounts have no effect on Entitlements, meaning that if they have none left they won't be able to add their managed account.

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