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Display Roll-Up Summary Currency Fields on Accounts and Opportunities with Advanced Currency Management enabled

Knowledge Article Number 000211817
Description With Advanced Currency Management enabled, Currency type fields are not available to be used as a Field to Aggregate in Roll-Up Summary fields on Accounts and Opportunities. In order to display a Roll-Up Summary of a currency field we can develop a work around.

About Roll-Up Summary Fields:
Resolution Follow these steps to create a work around to display the currency Roll-Up Summary.

1) Create a custom number field with the same parameters as the currency field you want to summarize on the child object. 

2) Create a workflow rule on the child object that has the following parameters: 

Evaluation Criteria: "created, and every time it’s edited" 
Rule Criteria: Created Date NOT EQUAL TO {Leave the Value field Blank} 

**Note: This creates a workflow rule that will trigger every time, regardless of what is changing. 

3) On the next step in the Workflow Rule create a field update with the following parameters: 

Field to Update: The field created in step 1 
Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change: TRUE 
Choose: Use a formula to set the new value
Formula Value: Enter the API name for the currency field you want to summarize
Make sure to Activate the workflow

4) Create a Roll-Up summary field on the Opportunity object with the following parameters: 

Summarized Object: Child Object 
Field to Aggregate: The number field created in Step 1 

** Note: You can leave this field off of page layouts as we will create a display field with currency information in the next step. 

5) Create a formula field on the Opportunity object with the following parameters: 

Formula Return Type: Currency 
Decimal Places: Enter the same number of decimal places as the field you originally wanted to summarize 
Formula: Enter the API Name of the field created in step 4 

** Note: This field is for display purposes only and should be added to page layouts. 

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