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Manage the error queue when posts fail to process using Social Customer Service

Knowledge Article Number 000211819
All posts that come into Salesforce using Social Hub and the Social Customer Service Integration go through an Inbound Queue. If a post cannot be processed and fails to be imported into Salesforce properly, it will go to the error queue and remain unprocessed. The subsequent posts continue to be processed normally. Learn how to locate the error and fix it below. 

Locate the error queue in your Salesforce Organization


1. Click Setup.
2. Under "Build," go to Customize | Social Apps Integration | Social Customer Management | Settings.
3. Click the Error Log tab.

Review the errors listed to see if there are any customization updates needed to prior to being able to reprocess the posts.

Fix post processing errors


1. Click Reprocess to retry sending the posts successfully into Salesforce.
2. Review the User permissions associated with the User listed under Run Apex as User.

Tip: If there are restrictions on the User account that prevents them from interacting with the posts in the way that the Apex code instructs, the posts will fail because there are insufficient permissions. Fix any permissions that prevent the User from accessing what the Apex code requires.

3. Review the Apex code and fix any conflicts.

Tip: The Apex code used for you Social Customer Service Integration is listed under Apex Class in Inbound Settings. A common issue that can occur is that the Apex code queries a Record Type or Field that no longer exists or has been renamed. If you don't have access to your Apex code, contact your System Administrator.

4. Click Reprocess to retry processing the posts again.
5. Review the Error Log to ensure that the user permission or Apex updates fixed the errors.

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