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Error Uploading Customizable Forecasting Quotas: “insufficient access rights on cross-reference id"

Knowledge Article Number 000211823
Description Salesforce Administrator is trying to upload customizable forecasting quota via Data Loader (v30+).  However, getting “insufficient access rights on cross-reference id" for some quota records.  

Here's test case with assumption that CSV file is formatted correctly based on documentation.

1.  Launch Data Loader
2.  Click on "Insert"
3.  Select "Forecasting Quota (ForecastingQuota)" and choose your CSV file
4.  Map Required fields
5.  Click on "Finish"
6.  Error log files shows “insufficient access rights on cross-reference id" for some quota records.  
Resolution End users must have "Allow Forecasting" = checked.  Therefore, the quota record owner must have "Allow Forecasting" = checked.  Here are the steps to enable forecasting for end users:

1.  From Setup, click Customize | Forecasts (Customizable) | Forecast Hierarchy.
2.  Click Enable Users next to a role to view a list of users assigned to that level.
3.  Select a user and click Add to enable the user for customizable forecasting. To disable a user, select the user and click Remove.
4.  Click Save.


1.  From Setup, click Manage Users | Users.
2.  For each user you want to enable, click Edit.
3.  Under General Information, select Allow Forecasting.
4.  Click Save.

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